Create a World Built to Last


The Craftsmanship Initiative was founded to revive the principles and ethos of master craftsmanship, to better inform society’s answers to its 21st Century challenges. We focus on how craftsmanship’s approach to excellence plays out not only in the workforce but also in our education system and culture at large. Our long-term mission is to reverse the trends of today’s throwaway society by building a movement for leading a creative, humanistic, and sustainable life.

What is Craftsmanship

When you think of the word “craftsmanship,” what pops into your head? Very likely, it’s some cherished item that was carefully made by hand. Yes, craftsmanship is that, and much more.

At The Craftsmanship Initiative, we look for achievements, and the people who accomplished them, that illuminate what we call the architecture of excellence.

That architecture, we have found, begins with an eye for detail, a capacity for shrewd and knowledgeable experimentation, and a commitment to quality before profit. It finishes with a determination to create something that is built to last.


In our Magazine, Craftsmanship Quarterly, you will find dozens of original stories covering traditional artisans as well as innovators in fields such as farming, water use, and manufacturing. We also have a new Blog, and (with your help) are developing our first events, apprenticeships, scholarships, awards for excellence, and more…